Product Designer

I enjoy designing digital products, developing product branding, and creating visual design that provides impactful experiences.
Screens from five projects.


"Lauren has written and edited pieces about my art for me including writing the introduction of my book Drawing Attention, articles, press releases, information on my exhibits, and more.

Lauren’s exceptional writing reveals her deep knowledge of graphic design and visual art. She draws from her creative experiences as a talented graphic designer, bringing an artist’s perspective to her outstanding work. Her conceptual intelligence enables her to organize and develop ideas with remarkable versatility, artistic vision, and impressive results."

John Van Hamersveld
Graphic Artist and Illustrator

Works include "The Endless Summer," the Jimi Hendrix Pinnacle artwork, and album covers for The Beatles and The Rolling Stones

"We’ve been so fortunate to have Lauren teach with us in the UCLA Extension Visual Arts department since 2017. Here are some of the comments Lauren’s students have written about her Illustrator I course: 'Professor Cullen is an excellent teacher and has been very responsive and professional.'  'She is a great instructor, very friendly, pleasant, and knows how to motivate.' They also describe her as 'generous,' 'inspiring,' 'truly gifted,' and 'the best.' I highly recommend her to any educational institution in search of an exceptional teacher."

Scott Hutchinson
Director, UCLA Extension Department of Visual Arts

"I am very pleased to recommend Lauren Cullen as a designer, artist and writer. As an artist, Lauren’s creativity is evident through her work, which is not only technically meticulous and well executed, but also well designed. Lauren is self-motivated, a team player, and easy to work with.

I respect Lauren and would love to work with her at any time, and will continue to do so in the future. I recommend her for any design job. Any company that hires her will be lucky to have her on their team."

Chana Messer
UCLA Extension Instructor, Artist, Designer, Software Evangelist